Design for Reliability - DFR

Design for Reliability - DFR - is a systematic, streamlined, concurrent engineering program in which reliability engineering is woven into the total development cycle in order to meet customer expectations for reliability while maintaining low overall life-cycle costs. From the concept stage through to product obsolescence, DFR describes the overall order of deployment that an organization needs to follow in order to design reliability into its products.

Why should a company commit resources for deploying a DFR process? The answer to this question is simple. In order to be profitable, an organization’s products must be reliable, and reliable products require a formal reliability process. Three important statements summarize the best practice reliability philosophy of successful companies:

  1. Reliability must be designed into products and processes, using the best available science-based methods.
  2. Knowing how to calculate reliability is important, but knowing how to achieve reliability is equally, if not more, important.
  3. Design for Reliability practices must begin early in the design process and be well integrated into the overall product development cycle.

The DFR process attempts to identify and prevent design issues early in the development phase, instead of having these issues found in the hands of the customer. The DFR methodology can bring a reliable product to market using a process focused on designing out or mitigating potential failure modes prior to production release. It can open up many opportunities for companies that want to move beyond securing a basic offering to the marketplace to creating a true competitive advantage in which reliability plays a critical role for customer satisfaction.

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